One of the most hardest things we have to do in life is to decide whether or not we can forgive someone.

Forgiving is not easy and sometimes it takes weeks, months, and even years for people to be able to forgive. Many have been hurt by someone close to them and they may find it hard to forgive the one that hurt them. It’s also hard to let someone back into your life and with forgiveness comes trust. You have to learn to trust them again and this takes time. Although, it is nice to see people with forgiving hearts, everyone isn’t forgiving and we must accept that. Once you’ve done something wrong, they are completely done with you and they don’t want to see or hear from you again. It’s a very tough decision to make when you are trying to decide “Should I let them back in?” or “Is this the end of our friendship/relationship?” Some people even have a hard time forgiving their family members but for some this decision is very easy because their family and they feel like they can get past their problems. I know people who haven’t spoken to a family member for years because of disagreements and they just can’t forgive them. I personally believe that holding grudges takes more work than forgiving.

On the other hand, forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to talk to the person again. Sometimes we have to forgive people not for what they did but we have to forgive people for ourselves. Forgiving for ourselves lets us be at peace so we can move on and seek happiness. You can’t be mad at someone forever. It’s UNHEALTHY on so many levels.

Forgiveness is tough but it can be done. It’s one of life’s incredible lessons.




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