Tell Them How You Feel!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone so badly how you felt about them or some of the decisions they make? Well I have felt this way many times. I know it’s more polite to hold back but I have always believed that people deserve to know how you feel. It could make them look at themselves differently and possibly change. Some people don’t even know what kind of personality they have or how they treat others unless someone tells them. I know a lot of inconsiderate people and some of them never realized how inconsiderate they were until someone pulled them to the side and said “Hey, you are being really inconsiderate right now.”

When I tell people how I feel, I’m never rude about it. I am always polite. The one thing I can’t stand is when someone tries to make decisions for other people and they eventually become controlling. That’s when I have to tell them about themselves. People will go as far as you let them. They need to know their boundaries. Everyone has a limit and it’s important that you know their limits. This is also called being respectful. I think that the problem with the world is communication. We need to speak up when something is wrong and even when things are right. When people know each other better, they tend to get a long much better. Trust me, I know. So the next time you are talking to someone and they say something that pushes your buttons, let them know how you feel about it. You’ll be glad that you did!



2 thoughts on “Tell Them How You Feel!

    • Misha says:

      You’re right. You’re welcome and thank you for reading my blog. Be sure to subcribe so you’ll be up to date with my new posts.

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