Don’t Punish Them!

I’m sure everyone knows someone who decides one day to make a complete turnaround and change their lives. This person may have had a very troubled past and desperately wants to change and become a better person. They may have felt their lowest and they were finally able to see that they have to change the way they are living or things won’t get better. Most people will be supportive of this person’s decision to change while others disagree with them wanting to change because they still hold that person’s past against them. Should we support them or should we punish them? Supporting them seems to be the best option. We all make mistakes and if we were always tormented and looked down upon because of something we did in the past, we’d be completely miserable.

Why should we be punished if we want to make some positive changes in our lives? Why should we be punished for seeing our faults and learning from our mistakes?  Punishing people will not help that person make a smooth transition into become the “newer” version of themselves. It could lower their self esteem and even make them regretful. The best thing we can do is be supportive and encouraging. Changing for the better is a great thing and those who are making changes should not be looked down upon. We shouldn’t punish them for who they used to be, we should be respectful of them becoming who they want to be.

Stay Positive,



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