Who Do We Blame?

It’s so easy to point the finger at someone. We all do at times because it’s the easy way out of a situation. It is as if we put it in our minds that we could never do anything wrong. The truth is: We can. Everyone makes mistakes and we should always own up to them. Mistakes are just apart of being human. Some people have gotten so used to blaming others for their faults that they are simply unable to be true to themselves. We cannot keep playing the blame game. It’s not healthy. We can’t keep blaming our friends and families for the way we are. We are the ones responsible for our actions and it’s about time we realize that.

Of course no one wants to say “It’s all my fault.” but sometimes that is the first step to making some changes in our lives. When we see that we are wrong, we try to fix a few things so it won’t happen again. We change our logic, our approach, and our attitudes. Blaming others doesn’t help anything. It only makes you even more in denial. We have to know when to admit when we have made mistakes. It shows that we are thoughtful and open minded. So next time you want to blame others, think about it before you start pointing the finger at someone. You may want to blame yourself this time so you can become a better person.

Stay True to Yourselves!



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