Individuality: Does It Still Exist?

It seems like being yourself, making your own decisions, and simply doing what you feel is right has become a bad thing. I truly feel like individuality no longer exists. Everyone is doing what everyone else is doing. They are afraid to be different because they don’t want to be judged. People used to admire others that didn’t follow the crowd but now if you’re not like everyone else, you are a “nobody” I really dislike how individuality has been lost. We should all get to choose the way we want to live our lives without getting approval from others. That’s what being an individual is all about. Everyone is not the same and being different helps us appreciate each other even more. If everyone is doing the same thing, wearing the same clothes, and has the same hairstyle. The world would be such a boring place!

Individuality makes people unique. Being different is what sets us apart from each other. It’s what makes us stand out. I love being an individual and I couldn’t imagine myself being anyone else but me. Trying to be like everyone else is not an advantage. People won’t get to know the real you if you’re pretending to be someone else. A lot of people do not give themselves enough credit sometimes and  it could be because people don’t like them. We were not put on this earth for people to like us & there is no such thing as being perfect. Love who you are and embrace your individuality. You are what makes yourself YOU. Be yourself: The best way to be.



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