What About Me?

Do you know someone who would do almost anything for someone if they needed their help? There may be a lot of people who are not as giving but there are so many people that would be willing to give almost everything they have to help someone. Those are truly amazing people and the world needs more people like them. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be happening is other people doing the same for them. Many would say that they do not expect anything in return because they do things out of the kindness of their hearts but it would be nice if they knew that they had someone to rely on if they needed their help. Sadly, some would put us at the last priority on there to do list even when we may need them the most. Should we do the same for them? Not necessarily but we shouldn’t put them at the very top of our list either. We must focus on ourselves first.

Sometimes we do so much for people that we forget about ourselves. We put everyone first and we are last. There is absolutely nothing wrong with helping people when they are in need but we must make ourselves our number one priority before we help others. For an example,If we lend out money, we must make sure that we have enough money to pay our bills, buy¬†groceries, and fill up our gas tanks. We have to put ourselves first. Always. No it does not make us selfish. It makes us aware of our priorities and decision making. Continue to be that loving, giving, & caring person that you are but make sure that you do what’s best for you. You come first!



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