Don’t Lose Hope

I’m sure everyone has experienced a time in their lives where they felt like giving on their goals/dreams/aspirations. They may have attempted to accomplish something but their attempt failed. Yes it’s very disappointing to go after something you want and you don’t get it. You work so hard to achieve something and things just don’t work out. So automatically you want to quit. Quitting may seem like the best thing to do at the time but it really isn’t. If you give up on something, you’ll always wonder “what if”. What if you kept on going until you achieved what you wanted? You will never know  if you give up. We have to start believing in ourselves more. Everything doesn’t happen when we want it to. If it did, life would be perfect but there’s no such thing as perfect.

Sometimes things happen over time. When you don’t achieve your goals, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be. It just means that you have to work a little harder to achieve that goal. If you want something bad enough, you don’t give up. You keep trying until you get to where you want to be. It’s so easy to lose hope and say you’re done but will you be proud of yourself if you always give up? I’m sure you won’t be proud. You’ll be disappointed and a little angry at yourself. One of the worst feelings is when you feel like you let yourself down. Stay hopeful and optimistic. You will soon achieve all of your goals. It takes patience and willpower to keep you going. When you believe in your heart that this is what you want to do, you won’t let anything or anyone stop you. Never give up and stay strong.



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