Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Do you ever find yourself thinking back on past events and saying: “I wish I would have done that when I had the chance.”? Many people look back on their lives and they are now punishing themselves for not doing some of the things that wanted to do. Could it be possible that we are the ones holding ourselves back? Not anyone else but us? Yes it is possible indeed. A lot of the times, we let fear get in the way and we hold ourselves back from doing what we aspire to do. Fear is the number one reason for goals not reached and plans deterred. When we develop fear, we begin to become doubtful and when we’re doubtful, we hesitate about making decisions. It’s normal to have fear from time to time but what many don’t realize is that fear is created. We are the ones who create this terrible thing called fear. It’s all in our minds.

Sometimes we become fearful because we are nervous or unsure about something but that doesn’t mean that we should not go after what we want or do something that we want to do. Fear can be conquered and it takes a strong individual to conquer it. Once you are able to conquer fear, your possibilities are endless. It’s bad when other people are trying to hold you back but it’s worse when you are the one holding yourself back. You have to tell yourself “I’m going to do it.” Of course it may be easier said than done but with anything it’s takes time and patience. You have to take those little baby steps each day to build that confidence and that fear that was once inside of you will be released. Don’t miss out on those fun times because you don’t want to look back and say “I wish I would have…” or “If only I…” Enjoy your life because you only get one.

Much Love ❤



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