Everyone has held a grudge against someone before whether it be for a few hours, a few months, and even a few years. We do this because of anger and sometimes we get so angry at someone we do not want to be anywhere near them or even hear their name. I’ve found that holding grudges takes a lot of work and if we are mad at someone, why are we working so hard to forget about them. I know people who have missed out on lots of events and outings just because they are afraid that the person they’d rather not see will be there. Is that person really worth all of that? No not at all. Holding grudges eventually turns us into evil and selfish people. We cannot keep living our lives waking up and being angry with someone everyday. Sometimes you just have to let everything go even when you are extremely angry.

It’s not good to walk around and be upset with someone. It’s natural to get mad when someone has upset you but there is no reason to be stressed and angry everyday. You’ll do more harm than good when you hold grudges.

Be Open Minded,



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