How Determined Are You?

For this entire year, I have blogged about being determined, staying positive, and going out there and getting what you want. My new year’s resolution for 2012 was to become more determined. I knew that there were certain goals that I wanted to accomplish and I knew how to achieve them but I wasn’t as determined as I could have been to get them achieved the previous year. I became a work in progress as I found ways to keep my eyes on the prize and work harder than I ever had to work before. Being determined can be very difficult especially if you encounter setbacks and not enough encouragement from those close to you. If you are reading this, I want you to think about some of the goals that you are determined to achieve and figure out if you are determined enough to finally achieve those goals. Try to figure out what more can you do to get these goals achieve. Should you set more short term goals than long term goals? Are you evaluating your effort and progress as much as you should?  Once you figure out what exactly you need to do in order to increase your determination, you will begin to see positive change and you will be more determined than you’ve ever been before. Let’s make a promise to be successful achievers. You can do it!!



One thought on “How Determined Are You?

  1. Annie Banannie says:

    What an uplifting post, Misha! I am in the process of making my New Years goals. Not resolutions, but goals. They are very specific (working out x minutes a week, paying off $X on my car, blogging twice a week). I am making sure they are very precise because vague goals (losing weight, making more money) just don’t do it for me. But taking things in concrete, manageable chunks is totally the way to go! ❤

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