Accepting Failure?

It is now a new year. Everyone gets new opportunities, new possiblities and a fresh start. Like most, I’m sure you have decided what you will change about yourself and how you can finally make your hopes and dreams come true this year. While these are great things to do, you must accept one thing while you are pursuing your goals, failure. Even though we may have a plan to make sure that we get everything accomplished, failure can still show up at the most unexpected moments causing much stress and frustration. One of the things that you should do as we progress into the new year is accept failure and learn how to handle it. We should not accept it and give up. Instead we should accept it and work even harder to accomplish our goals. Revise our plans and make changes if needed.¬†Everything doesn’t always go as planned and it’s important that we realize this as we plan for the near future. Failure does not mean that we will not be able to accomplish our goals and be successful. When you accept failure, you prove to yourself that you are strong and you are willing to face those unexpected obstacles that may come along your way. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be brave and get back up again when you fall. Be able to face challenges and conquer anything that comes your way. Here is one of my favorite quotes that I hope to encourage you with:

“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.”

-Charlotte Whitton

I wish you all nothing but the best this year. May all your dreams come true. Continue to be optimistic, goal oriented and motivated. This will take you far!

Best Wishes and Happy New Year!!



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