When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Think everything is going good? Are you used to the same routine thinking that you have it all figured out? Although it’s great to feel comfortable and happy, you may not be doing enough good to better yourself. Sometimes we get so used to the same things, we forget that we can do even better. Over the past week, I’ve been pondering on my weekly routines, goals and ideas and I realized that I’m not doing as good as I thought. It was shocking at first. Realizing that I was giving my self 50% when I deserved to give 100%. I was naturally disappointed  Who was I and where was my willingness for progression? Maybe it went somewhere with my laziness. Whatever the case, I had to gain my drive for success back. Don’t get me wrong, I am on the path to success but I wasn’t doing as much as I should in order to be as successful as I need and want to be. In order to be successful, we must continue to make progress. We need to be better than we were yesterday, last week, and last month. We need to do more than we may have expected. We need to go above and beyond. If we continue to strive for success even we are successful, we will never lose sight of our goals. Is your good good enough? I surely hope not. Continue to put your best foot forward.



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