Break Those Bad Habits!!

We’ve almost conquered our first month of the new year! While we’re setting our goals and working hard to achieve them, there may be something standing in our way. Bad habits. We all have them! Some of us have those habits that we just can’t seem get rid of or even try to get rid of. That’s why they are called habits. These are things that we do all of the time whether they are good or bad. Unfortunately some of those habits can hinder us from achieving our goals. Now is the time to break some of those bad habits once and for all! Here are two ways to break those bad habits:

Stop Making Excuses!- If you find yourself always making excuses for why you haven’t done something, it’s time to kick this bad habit ASAP! You cannot achieve all of those great goals that you set if you continue to say “I can’t today” or “I don’t have time right now”. Making excuses will only set you up for a major set back. If you have a plan, execute it! You don’t want the year to end and you haven’t done anything on your goal list. This year is all about succeeding and not procrastinating. So stop making those excuses and even find an accountability partner if you need to. Just do whatever it takes to keep moving forward and achieving your goals.

Plan- As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” If you don’t plan out what you want to achieve, you most likely won’t achieve it. In order meet deadlines, we must plan accordingly. If there is no plan, you really have nothing. You don’t have to type up a 50 page plan book. Something as simple as a planner will do. Plan what you want to get done and most importantly, make it happen!! Plain and simple.

Keep Pushing Forward and break those bad habits,



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