Don’t Forget Your Journey

Trapped! That’s the way I had been feeling these past couple of days. I felt as though I couldn’t go anywhere. I felt stuck. The weekend came and then finally I snapped out of it. I realized that I had forgotten my journey. I had forgotten how far I had come to get to where I am today. I had forgotten the obstacles that I had climbed, the failure that I did not accept, the confidence that I had gained, and the feeling of success that came with my persistence. It’s amazing how we work so hard to achieve our goals and when we finally reach our goal, we can feel stuck as if we aren’t going anywhere when we went to great heights to be where we are today.

I mention this because it’s important to never forget your journey. Never forget the time when you were fighting your hardest to finally overcome those challenges. Never forget the time when you thought about giving up and you didn’t and please never forget how proud you were of yourself for achieving your goals. These are moments that should never be forgotten. As you work on your next goal, always remember the journey that you took to get to where you are at this very moment. All of us have a unique journey. Often times we simply forget about it. This past week I was reminded to remember my starting point and how hard I have worked. I was reminded to stop complaining so much and be appreciative of the opportunities that were being sent my way.

As you progress into this new month, I would like you to stop and think about your journey. What path did you have to take to achieve your goal? Why did you keep going when you could have given up? Why do you want to keep going? I want to remind everyone who reads this that you are a fighter. You’re determined, motivated, and successful. Keep setting those goals. Be grateful for a new day of opportunity and most importantly never forget your journey!



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