Your Perception of the World

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I am already viewing the world differently. After admitting that I no longer “believe”, I have already encountered dozens of people who no longer believe and have never believed. I was immediately taken aback from witnessing this. I thought to myself :”How could they not believe in themselves?” and “Don’t they know just how much potential they have?” I was stunned to know that some people have just given up and others have never even tried. That’s when I realized that we each view the world differently. Each of us have a different perception of the world. Some of us take every opportunity that has been granted to us while others are unaware of the opportunities available. Once realizing this, I did some reevaluating. It bothered me so much that I was no longer a believer. I had to do something so I changed my perception so that I now believe and I will never stop believing!

For those that are reading this that are the brink of giving up, please don’t! We all have those days that we feel like it’s not worth it but we should never give up. Those feelings will pass just stay positive and keep focusing on your goals. For those that have given up, start over. Change your perception of the world. View things as opportunities instead of constraints. I promise that it will truly make a difference.

Stay positive and stay tuned to the blog. There’s so much more to come!



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