Take a Hiatus!

It feels so amazing to sit and write this blog post. It’s been quite a long time since I have posted on this blog. I went on an unexpected hiatus and don’t worry, I can explain myself. I have been having an amazing year. My goals have been reached and I have been basking in my happiness. From traveling, working out and just simply relaxing. I took a break from my heavy use of social media and just focused on what matters: living without any regrets. I think that sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what other people are doing that we often neglect ourselves. I encourage you to take your very own hiatus and yes if means shutting down Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or what ever form of social media that you spend too much time on! During your hiatus, I want you to focus on your goals and dreams. Start journaling your thoughts and tune in to those thoughts as well. Pray.meditate. relax. It’s ok not to answer the phone or turn on the T.V. It’s ok choosing to stay in instead of going out with friends. And it’s ok to be a little selfish. I promise you that I’ve never felt better since I’ve gone on my hiatus. Best of luck on yours!



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